Friday, August 6, 2010

One Month

Happy one month old birthday beautiful little Xiomara Marie! I cannot believe it has already been one month. One month since I was awakened in the middle of the night by a text, then a picture of you, then a phone call saying you were here. One month since I felt my heart fall deeply in love at the first sight of you.

You are amazing! So precious, so sweet. I sit here and type this as you are napping right next to me. Sweet, and content. I can already tell that your dad and I's vision for you to be a child full of joy is correct. You smile all the time in your sleep.

Speaking of sleep, right now that is all you want to do. Sleep the day and night away. The other day dad and I were saying how we can't wait until you can interact and coo to us. However, we both just looked at each other and realized that we can wait as it has already gone too fast sweetie. I'm already missing how tiny you used to be and I know you are only getting bigger. We can never go back in time only forward and I want to enjoy each second with you.

I love you Xiomara and I am so incredibly happy you are here in my arms where you belong. God has incredible plans for you. He has made you whole in Him.

So happy one month and this next month, slow down a bit, ok? I love you!


  1. So sweet! Time does go by much too quickly, doesn't it?

  2. She is so beautiful and it is wonderful she will one day be able to read your blog and know just how much she has been loved from the very beginning!

  3. Lauren, it goes way too quickly as I'm sure you know.

    Clarissa-I will one day get our blogs made into books so that the girls have a record of this time in their lives. But, yes I hope Xiomara will always know how loved she is!

  4. So sweet!

  5. she's so beautiful!! look forward to following your journey...

  6. Thank you!! :) I look forward to following you too! It looks like you take some amazing pictures! :)


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