Friday, July 23, 2010

Our little "boy"

If Chris never gets his little boy, he has "him" in Meridian. Our little girl has gotten more bumps, bruises, and cuts than Zoelle ever had at this age.

Meridian is incredibly daring and makes this mama gasp a time or two. Like the time, I turned around and found her climbing over Zoelle's toddler bed.

Or the time I found her crawling up on our footstool.

Those two things didn't seem too big of a deal until she started climbing up the stairs to our playhouse.

At first she started just climbing up a few stairs, and then would turn and go down.

But within a few days she was going up higher.

So you can see just how high,

you can maybe understand why this mama is scared being that her 13 month old is doing this! Yep, pretty sure Chris has his "boy" and that is just fine with both of us!


  1. hahahah It's all downhill once they become mobile.. lol.. great pics.. you have a very adventurous cutie on your hands..

  2. Oh I know. I figured once she became mobile, it wouldn't be so bad and it's not, it's just an adventure!! She makes me leap up many times from where I am sitting to catch her or stop her from getting into something!! :) Thanks!!


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