Sunday, July 18, 2010

I missed this girl

So the day after I got home from Georgia when it was pouring buckets, I decided to have some fun with her, just her. We got on our rain gear (or at least Zoelle got on hers) and we ran and played in the rain.

Our pictures didn't turn out the greatest as daddy was watching the babies in the house and didn't want to get wet. But, it's the memories that matter and I'll cherish those forever!


  1. So cute! She will always remember playing in the rain with her mama! Welcome home!

  2. Love when these moments come along. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anna, I so hope she will always remember it! :) Nicole, I'm learning to appreciate and take advantage of these moments more and more!

  4. Looks like fun!

    In Arizona, it's sunny almost every day of the year so when it rains...we go right out into the downpour. Without umbrellas! ;)

  5. Too funny Stephanie the differences between states. It seems like around here, everyone has an umbrella!


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