Friday, June 25, 2010

Quiet, but not & adoption questions

So I've been quiet on here lately, which I should say will probably be normal for summer. We live in a cold climate and I intend to enjoy every bit of nice time outside I can in the summer! Thus my blog will probably take a bit of a back seat in the summer. I know I won't regret it though and obviously neither will these two

We've been having countless hours of fun swimming in our little pool, running thru our sprinkler, and eating picnic lunches. It's so much fun to me! I love summer and never want it to stop!

Anyway, quiet on here but definitely NOT quiet at home. We were recently matched with adoption once again! The baby is due mid July, thus I feel like I am nesting and I've been busy, busy organizing, making lists, etc. It's a crazy time trying to figure out how and when we will travel and if we will take the girls, where we will stay, etc. I think we are finally getting closer to figuring it all out. I am a very organized person, so flying by the seat of my pants really isn't my thing, so I'm hoping that I can get it all figured out soon. I also expect to take a little break from blogging when I return so that we can bond and become a family of 5. We've waited a long time for this little babe and I am going to enjoy him/her to the fullest!

Since adoption is a passion of mine and I have a whole blog dedicated to it, which you can find right here. I thought that maybe I should ask my readers if they have any questions for me about adoption? The process? Why we are adopting? Really anything you would like. We have found there to be such a negative stigma surrounding adoption and I would love to change others view on it to a positive one. So ask away!


  1. Congrats on your new baby! So excited for you and your family! I can't wait to meet him/her. :)

    Questions for you:
    1. Are you adopting internationally or in the U.S.?
    2. After everything is said and done, how much will the adoption cost you?
    3. Do you think you will ever have any more biological children? Why or why not?

    If any of these questions are too personal, feel free to disregard. ;)

  2. Thank you Stephanie! I'm excited to introduce him/her to you! :)

    I love that you ask the questions that everyone else wants to know but are too afraid to ask. Not too personal at all!

    1. We are adopting domestically, in the U.S.
    2. We are estimating around $24,000 when it is all said and done. This includes the homestudy fee, the actual adoption fee, the travel fees, and the finalization fee.
    3. I'm not positive we will have more biologically. I get very sick in my pregnancies and I'm not sure I can do that again, at least not with 3 little ones at home. We are feeling that we may be "done" after this babe, but are asking God to guide us for sure one way or the other.

    Hope that answers your questions! :)

  3. Just wanted to say again how happy and excited I am for you! Keeping you in my prayers!

  4. Thank you so much Kathleen! What a sweetheart you are! :)


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