Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kolcraft Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Double Stroller Review

Oh how I love to walk and walk, and walk and walk. I take the girls with me on walks everywhere. It's great exercise for me and being outside in nature is the best for the girls. When we got pregnant with Meridian, I begged Chris to let me get a double stroller and we did.. I love it, but it is huge when folded. If I wanted to take it with me anywhere, I had to fold up the backseat of our van, leaving no extra room at all in our van. Thus I was on the look out for a nice umbrella double stroller that would fit in the back of my van.

Enter Kolcraft.

When I contacted Kolcraft about doing a double stroller review, I was thrilled when they responded right back and told me I could do a review on the Kolcraft Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Double Stroller. Here it is in the box.

Next, my hubby took it out of the box to be put together.

Not too many parts, and not too confusing. Hubby said it was cinch to put together! Here it is with one little girl in it.

I love everything about this stroller. Here are just a few reasons why it is great: it's lightweight, it folds small, it pushes great (even with a 30 lb. 3 year old, and 18 lb. 1 year old), it has great little side pockets, the colors are nice, the cup holder has come in handy many times, the roll up panel is nice to let air flow thru, and my favorite feature has to be the independent recline and shades for each seat.

There are only two things I have found that I don't like about this stroller. One thing is that the shades have somehow bent a bit. You can see the shade above Meridian is slightly bent to the side. I'm not sure what caused it to do this as I was extremely careful folding it up. It doesn't affect the use of the shade though and still works great. The only other thing I wish it had was a 5-point harness, rather than a 3-point harness. For Zoelle, it doesn't matter, but take a look at our little adventurer Meridian

She is completely fine like that, but she did scare both me and her grandma when she first did that! :)

Overall, this stroller is great and the girls and I could not be any happier. See?


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Buy It!

If you are in need of an awesome double stroller for a great price, head on over to Kolcraft for a list of their retailers.

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  1. So happy to find your review here. We were looking for a lightweight, small when folded double stroller to take on vacation next week and decided on this one. We haven't tried it out too much but are happy with it so far. I hope I have a great review for it too when I get back from using it so much in one week!

  2. That is awesome that you have it too and love it Kathleen! I think it is perfect to take on vacation as it folds so nicely and is so lightweight! Where are you going on vacation? Which color did you get? Can't wait to hear about your trip and more of your thoughts on this stroller! :)

  3. OK, we just got back yesterday and we LOVED the stroller! It was perfect. We could fold it quickly to gate check it at the airport (we took a strap to wrap around it to keep it shut though because we didn't think the lock held very well). We used it at Sesame Place and in Washington DC and it worked perfectly. I agree about wishing it had a 5 pt harness because my 1 yo was wiggling and leaning too much for my comfort. I made a bag to go on the back because I do with it had a little more storage and I can't fold ours up unless I take the shades off, which is a little annoying, but all in all I'm happy with it. We have the green one, btw.

  4. Thank you Kathleen for coming back and sharing how it went. I'm so glad you like it and to hear it works for travel is wonderful! I'll keep that in mind the next time we need a stroller when traveling. Why couldn't you fold it up with the shades on?

  5. I've tried folding it and leaving the shades on, but they pop off as soon as the stroller starts folding. I don't know why but no matter what we've tried, the shade doesn't stay attached when the stroller gets folded so we just had to remember to take it off or else it was left partially dangling off the folded stroller.

  6. Hmm..interesting about the shades. I'll have to ask my hubby, but the little I have had to fold it, I believe the shades have always stayed on. Maybe it's better that way though so then you don't have crooked shades like I do? I didn't see anything in the directions about not folding it with it on, but maybe that is how it is suppose to be?


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