Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have my little Z back!

I think we finally have our little Z back. I've mentioned it many times before both here on my blog and in real life, but our little Zoelle had an incredibly hard time when Meridian was born. She turned two the day before Mer was born. Z was always spunky and spirited, but also very sensitive. On the day Mer was born she came to the hospital and screamed and cried the whole time. The first two months after we got home from the hospital she cried at every little thing. I often wondered what I did and questioned how I could have done that to her. Pretty soon, everytime I gave Meridian even a tiny bit of attention, Z would start acting out. We struggled with how to discipline her or if we even should as she was obviously hurting. What she didn't know is that I struggled and hurt right along with her. We failed at times this past year and we succeeded too, and I finally think we have our little Z back. Yes, she still acts like a toddler and acts out at times, but I finally feel like we turned over a leaf and things are only looking up from here.

*Picture was taken this morning of Z and I enjoying a special breakfast before Meridian woke up. I have learned to take advantage of times like that so that I get time to celebrate just her. It has also helped her attitude and emotions immensely to do that.


  1. Such wonderful news! I'm happy for her - and for you. :)

  2. :) I'm happy for her too! Thanks for celebrating with me!


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