Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dear Xiomara,

Happy 3rd Birthday to our spunky, joyful, strong-willed, and always smiling, Xiomara Marie!

Three whole years old! Even though I know that means you are a bit too old to be a baby, I still call you my baby as you will always be that in my eyes!

It was this very night three years ago that I got a call from Clarissa (your birthmom's social worker), saying that your birthmom, J had gone into labor 5 weeks early. Knowing that we would be leaving soon to pick you up, and because it's what I do when I'm stressed, I cleaned the house while waiting for another call that you were born. That call would come in the middle of the night while I was half asleep (as if I could sleep knowing you were coming?!?).

The next morning, we announced on Facebook and on our blog that you were born. I had a dentist appointment that morning and so while I was at the dentist's office my phone kept ringing and going off. Finally, I had to explain to them that you were born. The very first time I told anyone I had a third daughter.

That first day after your birth seemed to drag by, and then the day came to meet you and I had 3 plane flights to catch before I finally saw you in your birthmom's arms for the very first time.

I will never be able to fully describe to anyone what that day was like. You became ours that day, all the while knowing you were still hers. Yet, I loved you with the same fierce, motherly love, that I had for your sisters. That love has never stopped, it has only grown.

This year has been a fun year of watching growth in your life. For starters, you finally grew! Our teeny tiny girl who has always worn clothes a good 6 months to a year smaller than the size you were, is now finally getting caught up and into 3T clothing. You are still on the small size all around, but overall you have some meat on your bones now.

While you haven't exactly done school at all, you have listened as we have sang ABC's, counted up to 30, you know your colors and shapes, and you love for us to read to you. Your language has exploded this year and you can pretty much say anything

About six months ago you learned to climb out of your crib, but we still haven't officially switched you to a big girl bed as I'm kind of dreading that day as you will all of a sudden seem so grown up. You stopped taking a paci and unfortunately found your thumb, which is the one thing daddy has always dreaded. You still nurse, but only once a week or so before bed (something I'm still marveling and cherishing being your weren't in my tummy). You often will wake at 6 in the morning for a bottle of almond milk and then either go back to sleep or sing loudly to your doll. This week, you decided on your own to not wear diapers, and I'm surprised at how well you are doing. You have only had a few accidents and for the most part, that is when you are swimming.

When I think of this past year, I think of your sweet smile greeting me each morning. Your crazy, curly hair often sticking out every which way, unless you wore your sleep cap. You give the biggest and tightest morning hugs and kisses that I always cherish. I think of your attempt at being stumpy, and crabby which never works as you end up always giggling. I think of your love for your sisters, but especially that crazy bond that you and Zoelle have that I will probably never understand. I think of the ever constant joy you are to your dad and I. That there are very few times you are ever crabby or crying. You are easy going, but full of energy. You have a strong-will, but do everything with joy. This past year, I think of your love for our pets, especially your kitty, Maple whom you sit with every morning on our front deck. I think of you being our little fishy, always wanting to swim or be in the water.  You also have a deep love for your cousin, India who was born two days after you. Your Auntie Gen and I were just talking of the thousands of pictures we will have of you two together by the time you graduate. They are priceless. This past year, you also had your adoption story shared throughout the world when your adoption was featured in The Huffington Post.

My prayer this year is that God would give me the energy to keep up with you! :) That you would continue to shine your light and your smile throughout the world. That you would know that He plans to use each part of you for good. That your strong-will and the bubbly spirit are the perfect combination for exactly what He has planned for you. Our prayer since the time you were in your birthmom's tummy was that you would bring joy to those around you, and you have, and so we will continue to pray that you do so.

Happy Birthday spunky little girl! It's finally your day, your birfday, just yours alone (something you've been patiently waiting for since May). So go enjoy it, swim and dance away! We love you and are so thankful to be able to call you our youngest daughter.

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  1. So sweet Vanessa! I love these letters to write to your girls.


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