Thursday, June 13, 2013

She Cut Her Hair

Those were the exact words I shrieked into the phone earlier this week. Chris was on the other side of the phone asking me, who and how much, but all I could do was cry.

My baby cut her hair. Her precious blonde ringlets. Cut.

I had left the girls at the table doing "preschool" together while I checked on our dog and chickens. When I came back in the house, there was Xiomara who held up a puff of the hair in her hands and exclaimed to me, "Look, I have Ridian's hair".

This is the only hair I could find, but she cut off more than this.

After I hung up on Chris, I tried talking to Meridian but she ran off crying to her room and I couldn't get her to come out so I could see how much she cut. Finally, she came out and showed me. She gave herself little bangs on one side of her head. I am beyond grateful that no more was cut from her head. We had a nice chat about how only the hairdresser cuts her hair, and that was that.

For the most part, I can hide the cut part behind her other curls, but if I pull it back, it shows. Of all my girls, she is the first one to do this and I have to say, I'm not surprised. Zoelle is a rule follower to a "T". Meridian is very much so our middle child, and pretty free spirited. She does a lot on her own and gets into trouble without meaning to get into trouble. She has been this way since she was a baby, and I figure it's how she will always be and I can choose to rejoice in her personality.

The cut hair!! :(
It does have me wondering, is cutting ones hair a right of passage for a child, or are there some kids who just never do it? I seem to find a lot of my friends over the years talk about how their child once got into the scissors and cut their hair, or their siblings' hair.

So, has your child cut his/her hair? Or a siblings' hair? I'd love to hear about your reaction and theirs in the comments!


  1. Linnea (our 3rd child) once cut her older brother's hair. The boys were 5 & 3 at the time and she was about 1 1/2. The boys had bunk beds but were reading a book together on the bottom bunk. Linnea had a toddler bed in that room. She went to the head of their bed with a scissor and cut bits and pieces off BOTH their heads!! I asked them "why didn't you get UP??? Why didn't you MOVE so she couldn't cut any MORE??" Nathaniel (5) said, "Mom, she had a SCISSOR! I wasn't going to MOVE--she might CUT me!"
    Of my 10 kids, only two of them have cut their hair. Both are girls. We have had several conversations with all the kids about how scissors are for PAPER and, like you, only Mom & people who's job it is to cut hair may cut hair with scissors.

    1. Haha!! That is so cute and funny about the boys being worried about Linnea with scissors! :) Kids are so funny sometimes! I asked Zoelle why she didn't come and tell me and she said she didn't know it was wrong! Grr!!

  2. Would you be at all surprised if I told you ABRAM has cut not his hair but blankets and several pair of pants. I told him scirrors are for PAPER not cutting blankets in half and making holes in your pants. When I asked him why he was doing this he said: "The blanket was going to be used as a cape so it needed two things to use as ties for around the neck mama. And my pants, well I was getting hot and this let some air in but didn't make me too cold."
    We took ALL scirrors away and were locked up until he could be more responsible with them.
    Ethan, not a chance of doing something like that.

    1. Oh my goodness!! But, you have to give him props for his creativity! :)

  3. **Not only his hair, but blankets and pants**


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