Friday, May 31, 2013

An Interview With My Daughters {A Shaklee Vlog Post}

I was really struggling this month with my Vlog for my Shaklee 180 post! So far, I've known exactly what I wanted to do, but when I realized that 3 months in I haven't lost any weight and just a few inches, I wasn't sure what kind of information I could offer on a Vlog that would be of any benefit to either you as my readers, or Shaklee. However, after thinking about it, I decided I wanted to spontaneously ask my daughters what they like about me, and what they love about me. Basing it off of my blog post on what I like and love about me. I was curious to hear what they thought, so I took them each separately and asked and here is what they said (make sure you watch the video before you read on).

Were you surprised? I sure was! Not one of them mentioned a physical trait about me they liked. Instead, Xiomara mentioned our trees and flowers (she's been helping me garden lately so perhaps that is where that came from), green beans, and green soup (still wondering on that one). Meridian mentioned her love of holding my hand and her love of sugar snap peas (I must be doing something right if two out of three kids mention vegetables, right?). Zoelle didn't surprise me with her love of my back rubs, but I didn't realize that she loves me for taking her on dates.

I know to most, this video is just one in a million silly kid videos there are on YouTube, but hearing their answers without any prompting from me, brought me to tears. I realized, that the people I love most don't care about my physical looks, my weight, or any of the silly things I spend so much time focusing on. Instead, they just care about spending time with me, and me investing into their lives. Something I plan on doing a lot more of!

If you have children, take a moment out of your day to ask them what they like and love about you! Or ask your partner/husband! You just might be surprised at their answers! If you do, will you come back here and share with me what it was? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Love this! When I worked with kids I asked them questions about their parents as Mother/Father's Day gifts. It was truly a blessing for their parents to hear what they had to say about them. :) Looking forward to when my baby (almost 8mo) grows up and I can get her thoughts as well! :)

    1. Thank you, Mary! Definitely do it. It is fun and I plan on doing it more often!

  2. I asked my boys seperately these questions and loved what they had to say:
    Ethan-10 years old:
    likes: my kindness towards others
    loves: my cooking

    Abram-7 years old:
    likes: the pretty jewelry I wear
    loves: that I'm funny and make him laugh

    And I even asked my hubby...
    likes: my compassionate heart towards others
    loves: that I'm the best mom and wife.

    None of them mentioned my weight or personal appearance, other than the jewelry :)

    I loved this and saved it in my notes!

    1. I loved reading that, Salena! Thanks for sharing! Also, love the idea of asking my hubby! I will have to do that!


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