Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Close To Winter & A Welcome To Spring {One Full Year In Our Home}

It's crazy to think that it has been a year since we bought our second home, said goodbye to our first home in tears, and started to make this home ours.

I officially survived the long winter, otherwise known as the winter from hell because it was so cold and snowy, even up until just a few days ago. However, I figure if I can survive this one, I can officially make it living in the country!

The view of our backyard far too often this winter!

Over the past year, some walls have been painted, a few light fixtures have been updated, and a whole lot of memories have been made. While we have a long ways to go on fixing the house up to our liking, I still wanted to share with you all that I do really love it.

Chris is in his glory with our property, the girls love to go on hikes through our woods just as my sister and I did when we were younger, and I love the space both outside and inside our home. Perhaps my favorite thing about it is how peaceful it all is. I go home and just feel at home and at peace. While I miss my fantastic screened in front porch at my old home, I'm looking forward to many mornings of coffee on the deck, or late night backyard bonfires.

My morning coffee view...soon!!

Now Spring has finally come and I'm looking forward to a beautiful, warm summer spent outside with my girls and perhaps a little bit more fixing up our home!

What did your winter look like? Are you sad to see it go, or are you like me and looking forward to a beautiful summer?


  1. That deck looks amazing! Hope you get to enjoy many coffee morning there :-)

  2. My winter was the same as yours, CRAPPY! :)


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