Monday, March 18, 2013

Maroon 5 In Concert {My Birthday and Christmas Gift}

Most people that know me well, know that I love music. I have ever since I was a little girl. The funny thing is that my style of music varies so much. I love pop, I love worship, I love country, I love classical. About the only music I cannot stand is heavy metal or rap.

Over the years I tend to go through trends in which I gravitate towards one style of music for a few months and then another. While I listen to other stuff during that time, I find that
a certain type of music gets me through a certain season of my life.

For many years now, one of my favorite groups ever has been Maroon 5. I think I fell in love with them on their Songs About Jane album as Sunday Morning and This Love (just note this music video is not the *cleanest*) were peaceful and relaxing to me. Almost more jazzy in sound.

The teenager in me comig out in full force as I wait for the concert to start! :)

Throughout the years I continued to listen to them, but I really fell in love with them when front man Adam Levine took a spot as a judge on the TV show, The Voice. Now I'll fully admit that I have a bit of a celebrity crush on him. Pretty much my one and only crush on a celebrity since I was 12 and in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. :) I find Adam funny, extremely talented (seriously he can play pretty much any instrument, and have you heard his vocal range?!?), and yes, even cute!

We didn't have super close seats, but I can't complain about these either!

This last fall, I told Chris that there are very few individuals or groups that I would want to see in concert, but Maroon 5 is definitely one of them. The fact that they almost exclusively write all their own music is rare in this industry and something I love about them. While Chris likes Maroon 5, he definitely doesn't love them like I do. He prefers country music, but when I told him this, he agreed to do so. I promised him it could be my Christmas gift and birthday gift rolled into one big gift. One week later, he had to stick to his promise as I found out Maroon 5 was coming close to us and I wanted to go.

He was SO awesome about taking me to this concert!

So at the beginning of March, we braved three snow storms in a matter of days and we made it an overnight date. I honestly had so much fun! Chris doesn't like to admit it, but he was smiling, dancing a bit, and singing along with the songs. The whole concert was so well done from the lights, the sound, to the music played, that I literally have become a Maroon 5 fan for life. I will definitely be trying to make my way to another concert in the future. Thanks Chris for letting me be a teenager for the night and taking me to see Maroon 5! Thank you Maroon 5 for the awesome, well done concert! Also, a big Happy Birthday to Adam Levine today! Yes I know his birthday! I told you I was a bit of a teenager! ;)

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