Monday, September 12, 2011

School for Zoelle

I didn't blog about it last week, but this week we are starting our second week of homeschooling Zoelle.

We actually had no intention of homeschooling Zoelle this year. We signed Zoelle up for a local private preschool and even went to the open house at her school. However, in the back of my mind, I was very uncertain. I loved the school, loved the teacher, but I felt as if I would be paying for a 2 day a week babysitter. Zoelle knows how to read and how to do simple addition. In pre-k, she would have been learning her letters and letter sounds, her colors, shapes, etc. All stuff she knew.

When it came down to it, I could not justify being a wise steward of our finances if we were just going to send her to be socialized. I also could tell that she really wasn't ready to be gone from mom that much.

So here I am homeschooling again this year. After researching quite a bit, I will again be using Heart of Dakota Publishing as I really loved how it was set up last year. She is still young at 4 and I don't plan on doing any real formal schooling with her. I certainly don't plan on doing it with her each day. In fact she is now considered in the Kindergarten curriculum and my plan is to space it out this year and get about half of it done, and then next year (if we homeschool) finish the other half.

One thing I want to get across to those who know us is that I don't plan to judge your schooling choices. I was very hesitant to jump on the homeschooling bandwagon because I didn't want to become a part of the homeschooling mafia. You know the type where I read on a homeschooling message board the other day:

"Even your worst homeschooling day is better than a day in public school."! No, no, no! That is not me. Not us. And not what homeschooling is about for our family. We will take homeschooling year by year, child by child. Next year we could be sending her to public school, or we could be homeschooling again. We just know that we refuse to limit our family to just homeschooling or just public school. Instead, we choose to acknowledge that God will lead our family year by year.

What are you doing for school this year? How did you decide what was right for your family?

P.S. The sign is a back to school printable sign that I found on Pinterest. You can find it for your grade here!


  1. I think "mafia" could be applied to many parenting choices. There's the breastfeeding mafia, the babywearing mafia, the natural foods mafia, and the cloth diaper mafia. In fact, all of those mafias can easily be tied together.

    When comparing breastfeeding to formula, breastfeeding will win every study out there. That does not mean it will work well for every family.

    When I found out about babywearing, I thought "This is the coolest thing ever!" That sometimes comes across to mothers who try not to hold their babes too much as "you think I'm a bad mom?"

    I get that reaction from other moms when I tell people we homeschool. It's like when I show my excitement for finding something amazing, they brace themselves for judgment.

    There is no doubt that very intelligent people come out of public school. Intelligent, healthy people have been fed formula as babies and grew up eating nitrates by the spoonful, and wearing diapers soaked in chemicals.

    It's a fact. I am one of them. ;)

    That doesn't mean that's what I want for my kids. Whenever you make a tough choice as a parent, there's always the flip side of presumed judgment on those who made a different choice.

    Having done both public school and homeschool with my kids, I am blown away by how much better WE like homeschooling and how much easier and in depth it is for our family. It's night and day difference. It's like comparing breastfeeding and formula. (I have a post on that I've never finished...)

    Don't be afraid to love something that works very well and studies are behind it in an incredible way. That doesn't mean you hate other schools. We love the schools in our district. We still try to support them every way we can because the fact of the matter is not all families can homeschool, and I'll go further and say it wouldn't be beneficial for many families to homeschool. I think it's dangerous to cling to a parenting theory as if your integrity depended on it. It's not about the theory, or integrity. It's about your child, and your family. It's so much more individual than that.

    That's my peace. :)

  2. Gretchen-You are so right when you say "mafia" could be applied to all sorts of parenting choices. Or for that matter, any sort of choice at all. The term "mafia" wasn't mine and not sure if you can see, but I linked it to a post by Emerging Mummy. However, I liked what she said about not being judgemental in that way, so I used it as well! :) I just want others who maybe haven't chosen homeschooling for their family to know that I understand that each person has a reason for the choice they make for schooling for their children. And I respect that reason, just as I hope they respect mine. I just think you put it together in your comment much better than I could have! :)

    I also love when you said: "Don't be afraid to love something that works very well"..I'm definitely taking this to heart. I loved it last year and never expected to do it this year, but there is a part of me that is worried about whether I am up for the challenge of doing this forever! You give me encouragement in that comment to not be afraid!! :)

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your kind, thought out response! I loved it! Oh and I look to you often for homeschooling wisdom and guidance! ;)

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  4. For preschool we're doing the same here Vanessa and for the same reason too! We're not doing a specific curriculum. We're using different books, crafts, and activities. James LOVES "school time" = ) Great picture of Zoelle holding the preschool sign! Would love to take James a similar pic = D

    (Sorry for the previous delete. The comment double posted, hehe).

  5. So glad to know you are doing it too Marisol! Maybe I'll message you from time to time! Wished we lived closer so we could get together! :)

    No problem about the delete! That happens!

  6. Wished we lived closer too! Looking forward for more preschool updates = D

  7. Both our boys go to our local private school. We love it there. My biggest mottoe is:
    Do what works best for YOUR family!
    My sister homeschools, my brothers kids got to public school our boys go to private...all of these works best for each one of our families!

  8. Very true Salena! I love that you can all be different and still accepting of each other! I strive to be like that with family and/or friends!

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