Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear _____________Year Old Me,

Dear fourteen year old me, I'm glad you grew out of the paint your nails whatever color you are wearing stage.

Zoom in to see my blue nailpolish! Oh and I'm singing here, that is why my mouth is open! ;)

Dear fifteen year old me, praise God you grew past that mop top of a hairstyle! Why oh why did you not wear your hair curly? Why the bangs?? And oh my God, what are you wearing?!?!

Mom are you reading this? Why did you let me go out like this? I'll bill you for my therapy! ;)

Dear sixteen year old me, if you could go back, you would go on 1,000 more of these life changing mission trips before you were married and had kids.

Saying goodbye to my dad before my mission trip to Brazil.

Dear seventeen year old me, you are not a cheerleader. You may have the loud voice of one, but you really could not cheer! ;)

Freezing cold while cheering!

Dear eighteen year old me, you were wise to get a couple of close girlfriends. They will still be your close girlfriends 10 years from now, support you when you most need it, and run a 5K with you.

Graduation with my two closest girlfriends Sharon and Tara

Seriously now...dear any teenage year me, I wish you would have realized how beautiful you really were, how non-fat you were, and how you were worth more than him or even him. The tears really weren't worth it and in the future you had a guy who was. Ten years from now, you will look back on these pictures and realize that your world was really so small and that God had bigger plans for you.

And you will appreciate having these pictures (as ridiculous as they are) because ten years from then, you will need similar reminders about your 20's.



Post inspired after listening to Taylor Swift's song, "Fifteen" and also finding a bag of old photgraphs. Hope you enjoyed! :)

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