Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

I've been quietly missing this last week. In part because I blogged so much last week, I felt like I needed a break. I was feeling burnt out and pressured to post. I never want to feel or post because I have to but rather because I want to. So I just didn't. It has been super nice and relaxing for me to take a break, but I have missed voicing my thoughts, ideas, and opinions here. Also, it just so happened that my computer broke again (time for a new computer anyone?). This time it is just the monitor, but a new monitor costs a couple hundred dollars, so we will probably just get the new computer instead.

Speaking of things breaking, my hubby's truck broke down late last week once again (I think it's the 3rd time in the last few months). Not good and after this fix, I am hoping it is in perfect shape (as this is getting extremely expensive) and we are thinking of selling it and going down to just one vehicle. Does anyone have just one car/truck and do fine? I'm a bit worried about feeling isolated at home. But we love to walk and I can definitely walk where we need to go as well.

In the meantime, let's just pray nothing else breaks ok?

Just took a peak at Zoelle on our video monitor. She looks just precious while sleeping. I sure do love that girl, but man has she been a challenge lately. When I tell people that Zoelle changed when Meridian was born, most don't believe me. But, I'm not kidding. She is night and day different from before Mer to after. I miss her old happy self and I'm honestly out of ideas to get her "back". It's leaving me very drained by the end of the day. Add that to Meridian getting molars so now I have a fussy/crabby baby who normally is rarely crabby. Chris also does the bulk of his work in the summer months so I'm left alone for long hours without his wisdom and guidance. Pray for strength in parenting for me, would you please?

On the lines of being a parent, we celebrated my beautiful sister with a baby shower last night. It truly was an awesome and unique shower. The whole theme was to be eco-friendly and organic and I think we managed to pull everything together with that theme.

I have so many more random thoughts I could write on from adoption to a special little boy "K" who is struggling with cancer and needs our prayers, but right now...I'm shot, so I'm off to relax and go to bed!


  1. Kudos to you for taking a break! I think it's awesome when bloggers do what is best for their families.


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