Thursday, May 19, 2016

On Your 7th Birthday {A Letter to Meridian}

Happy 7th birthday to my sweet as can be, ringlet-curled, snuggle bug, passionate, girlie girl, and day dreamer Meridian Piper!

I cried when I first saw two pink lines show up on the pregnancy test I took with you. I remember telling your dad I just couldn't do it again. I didn't want to throw up for months on end, and with a toddler in the home it all seemed so much scarier. Also, how in the world was I going to love you like I loved your big sister? Plus, we were in the middle of an adoption process and you surprised us all.

But you came in a quick whirlwind of a birth that once again surprised us. And I couldn't help but fall in love. I told you in writing, and we've talked before how our connection was always a bit different than that with your sister. I think in many ways you were just a daddy's girl from day one. At age three, while filling out a mother's day card with your Sunday school teacher, when asked what you like about your mom, you said, "I only like my dad!". We all got a laugh about that, and then nodded our heads at how true it is.

While our connection may have been slow at the start, these last two years you have become a mama's girl. Having your big sister at school, has allowed you to come out of your own shell at home. You get more of my attention when you want it, and I've watched as you daydream throughout your day. I've watched you for hours play Legos on your own, or play Monopoly by yourself  (something your mama used to do).

At 7 you love the color purple! We've laughed lots over the years of your phases of clothing choices: only pockets, only dresses, only stripes, only polka dots, only fancy dresses, but the one thing that hasn't changed is your love of the color purple. You like to play games, and ride your bike. You love to play piano, and you talk to yourself throughout the whole song. While maybe not the most athletic child, you poured your heart into gymnastics and are now thinking of maybe giving dance a try. One of the things I look forward to most each year is watching you sing in your community choir concert. Most of the time you are looking around to the other kids, or directing with you little hands. Your passionate side comes out in you every so often with a good stomping to your room, followed by a door slam. But it's quickly followed by a big hug and a, "I love you mama! I'm sorry." You still don't love school, but you do like math. Reading is not your thing, and that is ok. It's rare these days to wake up with you in my bed, but every morning you come to my room and squeeze in between daddy and I just so you can snuggle.

Sometime in the middle of the night last night, I felt your little warm body crawl into bed and I saw you squish next to your daddy (always daddy). Then this morning long before you were awake I just stared at you and the beauty that is you both inside and out. I remembered all those feelings I had when I discovered I was pregnant, and then your pregnancy which left me sick all the time. I thought back on your quick, beautiful water birth into this world that I loved. And then I just thought of you. Meridian Piper, I have such a fierce love for you! Thank you for loving me back. For always being the girl who will give me hugs and kisses throughout my entire day. I once said that everyone needed a Rinnie Roo in their family. A sweet as can be, passionate girl, who will love on you when you need it most. And it's true. I didn't realize the blessing God had for me in you, and I'm so thankful God gave me you when I least expected it.

You told me through tears recently that you just didn't have a talent. I reminded you of your age and told you that you don't have to worry about your talent. Sometimes it takes years before we see our talents. But really Rinnie, your talent is pretty obvious to me. You may not be athletic like your younger sister, and while you are musically gifted like your older sister, it may not come as easily to you, but your talent is in your spirit. You draw people in with your love. And that is a beautiful talent that not everyone has sweetie. I have a feeling that one day, you will look back and read this and be able to see exactly how God used you throughout the years.

Happy 7th birthday sweet girl! I love you!

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