Monday, June 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #4 {Review}

Time has seemingly gotten away from me as my girls have gotten older and busier. This makes it hard for me to find time to shop. It also is a little know fact that I hate shopping! There is something about standing in front of a mirror, with those awful fluorescent lights that makes me cringe and not want to look at every single flaw I have in that all too big mirror. I prefer to try those clothes on at home....enter Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a style service where after filling out a detailed style profile, a personal shopper picks out 5 items for you, you keep what you like and send the rest back in a postage paid envelope. You do pay a $20 styling fee, but it is applied towards your final order.

Since I'm getting caught up around my blog, this was a Stitch Fix I received last fall. For this Stitch Fix, I specifically asked for cute jeans and some more fall type outfits.

Item #1: Mystree Redford Striped French Terry Zip-Up Cardigan: $28

I'm really into cardigans, especially for our long fall/winters. I feel like they can be paired with so much and look really cute. I initially wasn't sure what I thought of this one. For one, the sleeves were white and I have young kids. Plus, it zipped up and I typically prefer to have loose fitting cardigans. However, all my hesitations faded once I tried it on. This is the softest, most quality material I have ever owned. Absolutely amazing! Plus, it looks adorable on (trust me this isn't the best picture of me in it, but it really does). After realizing I had a $20 credit to use, this was an absolute keep!

Item #2: Market and Spruce Pegah Striped Long Sleeve Shirt: $48

Oh how I loved this shirt! It was cute, comfortable, and really nice quality! The only thing holding me back is that I have a ton of clothes that are navy and white striped, including the zip-up cardigan I was about to keep. I just couldn't justify keeping this one too.

Item #3: Kensie Jeans Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean: $88

I pulled these jeans out of my box and just gasped! I LOVED them! Plus, they actually fit when I put them on, which isn't very easy to do on my curvy bottom. An added bonus was that these things were comfortable! Soft, good quality, and such a great fit. There were only two things holding me back, the color and the price. I really liked the color, but wasn't sure I would get as much wear out of them as I would a typical jean color. I was fine paying the price on something I am going to get a lot of wear out of, but these probably would not be worn daily. I passed on these, and to this day, I still regret it. I may be trying to put in a request for these sometime this next fall.

Item #4: Collective Concepts Melandry Dot Print Button-Up Blouse: $34

This shirt was so adorable! Especially when paired with the cute pants! However, I didn't quite feel comfortable with the fit being a bit flowy. For the price I would rather have found a shirt I loved and this just didn't fit that this time.

Item #5: Market and Spruce Breyson Split-Neck Tab-Sleeve Knit Top: $48

This was the only item of this Fix that I just didn't care for. It seemed to fit me all wrong and I just could not get it right. Should have those sleeves been buttoned like that? Or were they supposed to go down? The material was also rather thin, and I want quality right now. I loved the color, but again, I am being picky on what I'm keeping and what I'm not right now, so this was a pass.

While I only kept one item out of this Stitch Fix, I have gotten lots of use out of it, and I love it! My only regret is getting rid of those gorgeous jeans. After looking at my fall/winter wardrobe I decided to take a break from clothes shopping until the spring! So watch for another Stitch Fix review coming up as I have already gotten a box! If you are looking to expand your wardrobe, I highly suggest you to give Stitch Fix a try! If you'd like, I would love to have you use my referral link and then please come back and share with me your thoughts on Stitch Fix!


Feel free to share any jewels or treasures in your comments to me. :)