Thursday, April 3, 2014

On Leaving My Girls

Dear girls,

Today I'll get on a plane and be farther away from you then I have in over a year. If you ever get the amazing chance to be mamas, one day you will understand how much it kills me to be away from you. Six days is a long time in your world, but it also is in mine!

However, if you ever get the amazing chance to be mamas, I'll encourage you to leave. I'll volunteer to be Grandma for a week while you go visit a friend half way around the country.

Because I know how needed that time away is.

Time for a break. Time to find out who you are away from the title of "Mama". Time to connect with other women. Time to travel outside of your comfort zone. Time to see new places. Time to meet new people.

One day, it will be your time to do all that. Today, the time is mine.

I'll miss you with everything in me! But as I've said before, my heart beats in each of your little hearts as my love for you runs so deeply there. Every second of your days will be on my mind as you are each a part of who I am as Vanessa.

Snow Angels

Think of this time as a gift for all of us. It will be a time of renewal for me, so I can come back home and be a better mama to the three of you. For the three of you, think of this time as a precious gift to connect with your daddy and to bond more with each other. For daddy and your sisters are just as important as mama.

I love you all and thank you SO much for giving me this precious time alone! See you in 5 sleeps!

With all my love, hugs, kisses, singing, and back rubs,


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