Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Catching Up

It's time to play catch up around here! I've sadly neglected my blog for more important things in my life such as my family, work as a birth photographer, and life in general. So here is a random catch up post on my life these past few weeks. Also, a bit of an Instagram post of pictures (you can follow me there as @jewelsntreasures).

January has flown by and here we are heading into February! I'm thrilled as it means I am one step closer to winter being done with and spring arriving! Soon...oh how I hope soon.

Many people have asked me how I am doing this winter, and I did want to touch on it here. I would say that this is the best winter I have had in years. I know I have many people praying for me, I'm also being extra faithful to take my Vitamin D3, and my Juice Plus. In addition, I've started to use Young Living Essential Oils and specifically have diffused a few different ones that have helped me on down days. I'll be blogging later on my experience with Young Living and the benefits I have seen by using their oils.

Outside play with my two older girls

This winter is one of the coldest on records for our state. Since December, I can only think of a handful of days it has been above zero.'s cold! However, we haven't had a ton of snow this year and I think that is helping me not feel so locked in. The sun has also seemed to shine quite a bit more than other winters, which has been a huge bonus for me.

Since Christmas, we have been focused on school, Zoelle has started violin lessons, I've had lots of birth photography work, and lots of time together as a family.

Zoelle's first violin lesson

Sometimes though, I feel like life is still going too quickly. I've been feeling convicted lately on not spending enough time with my girls. Even when I am with them, I'm not always with them as I tend to check out on my phone (it's so easy to do a "quick" check of Instagram or Facebook, isn't it?). I intend to change that as they are growing up and time with them is limited. I also miss reading...I haven't done much of that lately. It seems that once the girls are in bed for the night, I'm either too tired to read, or we end up catching up on our favorite shows. I do love to watch Downton Abbey or Ellen, but I still miss stimulating my mind by reading. My goal is to make at least one night a week, in which I read just for my pleasure after I put the girls to bed. I've also neglected this blog, which I really don't like doing. This blog has been a way of me finding friends and connecting with the outside world for the past 4 years. It also has allowed me to have a journal of sorts for the girls. So I do have a goal of getting back to more of a regular schedule of blogging.

After saving a bit of money, I'm planning a trip out to Washington D.C. to visit my friend, Jill. I'm looking for your suggestions of your favorite things to do or visit in D.C.

I'm back to feeling frustrated on my lack of, or even non-existent meal planning. I really wish someone could meal plan and grocery shop for me. It makes me feel too stressed! Part of that is not finding cooking fun, although Zoelle has started to help with it and I can see the fun in that. I'm just feeling a little blah in making meals lately. If anyone has any suggestions, send them my way.

Our P!nk concert date night

So, there you have it! Life these past few weeks, life coming up, my frustrations, my goals. Hoping I can share another catching up post in a few months of how I've stuck to those goals. In the near future expect to see more blogging, and you won't believe how much the girls have grown once I finally start sharing pictures again!!

Thanks for hanging in there, cheering me on, praying for me, etc. Tell me how your life has been! Are you experiencing an extra cold winter too?

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