Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Finally Home

Up until this past week, I could not utter those three words. My house did not feel like home. Instead, I felt like I was visiting or just a stranger in a house.

I'm not sure what changed, but this week, when someone asked me if I just love my house, I finally could answer that yes, I was beginning to love it, and it finally feels like home.

Part of our backyard looking off our deck.

I know I haven't blogged much about our house yet, or the transition I faced. But I honestly didn't know how to do it. I would cry every time we went into town or even get close to our old house. If we had to go by our old house, or even the one time we had to stop there to pick up a package that got left there, I bawled. I missed the house, I missed the memories, I missed the neighbors. You name it, I missed it.

This week, all that changed and I began to feel comfortable in our house. I even looked forward to coming home and enjoyed it. It is peaceful. It is relaxing. It is home.

Did it take you awhile to adjust when you moved? What are some things that helped?

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