Monday, May 14, 2012

Saying Goodbye

This is it. The last hours, minutes, seconds, in the only house we have ever lived in since we got married almost 9 years ago. We brought all three of our babies home here. We had fights here, we had tears here, we had love here.

Memories of sitting on the front porch reading a book. Memories of nursing our sweet Z to sleep, laying her down and trying to sneak down our creaky wood stairs, only to hit the wrong spot, wake her up, and start all over again. Memories of Meridian sleeping in our room in a pack n' play for her naps. Memories of Xiomara shouting out "Mama" from her crib in the morning. Memories of baking together in the kitchen. Memories of me being 36 weeks pregnant with Zoelle and helping drywall our upstairs. Memories of working in the garden. Memories of walks around the neighborhood.

With the table gone, we ate our last breakfast at our house on the floor.

As I sit and think through all these memories and more, I am overcome with tears. Sitting in a now mainly empty house, I realize we really are moving. That last night may have been the last night for us to be in this house. I'm sad. It really is bittersweet. So many happy, joyful memories in this home we are leaving. Knowing I will have new wonderful memories in the new house, but different memories. But for today, my heart is a bit sad as I have to say goodbye to the old, to get ready for the new.

Also, just so my readers know that we do not have Internet at our new home. The only way we can get it is through satellite, which is more expensive for less use. So my posts may be sporadic from time to time. I will have my phone, but that is hard to post from. I'm a bit bummed, but know that my parents live close by and we are only 9 miles from town, so I can still use Internet when I am at one of those places.

Goodbye old house and the many memories with you and now we look forward to the new.


  1. *sniff sniff* I remember those feelings leaving our Broadway home. It was our first home we bought, we brought Abram home there, both boys learned to walk there...we had such fond times there that are now memories. We are making new ones here too. It's hard leaving what you know.
    Blessings to your home. And no internet...SAD! I will miss your posts.

    1. Yeah it definitely is tough! :( I sure am loving our new home already though! Oh and I'll still be posting, just maybe not quite as much until we can figure out internet!

  2. Vanessa- are you still around the same area or did you move away? We live out in the country (about 9 miles from town) and go through a company in town for our internet... actually have a dish on top of one of our harvestores- just thought I would try to help! It is wireless!!

    1. We are still in the same area, but if I we are talking about the same internet, we can't get it there! :( Too many trees! Thank you though for checking with me!


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