Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's Talk! {Part 3-Where I share my greatest failure as a wife}

We are still talking about the questions and suggestions you had for me in my second blog anniversary post.

A common theme, seemed to be looking for recipes.

MamaHunfy said, "I'd love for you to post some of your favorite recipes!"

One of my best friends from elementary school, Janel says, " I would love to hear more about the types of food you feed your family."

lbellomy says, "I'd like to see more about cooking."

I have a total of 4 recipes that I can find posted on my blog under my label recipes. Four. That's it! I did not realize I had so very few until you brought it to my attention. Incidentally, three out of the four recipes are for desserts. I LOVE to bake.

Cooking is a whole other story.

If there is one area where I have failed at as a wife, this would be it. It has caused many fights, lots of tears, and yes, I'll admit some anger.

When we first got married we were both in school full time and working full time. We hardly ever ate together. Instead, I would quickly grab some crackers and cheese and Chris would grab whatever he could find and that would be our dinner.

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Fast forward 4 years later and we had finished school and just had Zoelle and all of a sudden I had to cook. Or at least try. Except Zoelle was somewhat of a fussy baby and at that time I wasn't into babywearing as much as I am today so setting her down wasn't really an option.

Fortunately Chris loves to cook and is actually quite a gourmet chef making up his own recipes for things.

Over the last few years, I have found it very hard for me to meal plan. I go in spurts. For weeks I'll do fantastic and then I'll lose that energy burst and start meal planning at oh 4 p.m. Another secret about me is that I HATE grocery shopping. I'm not much of a shopper in general but searching for various things in the grocery store with three kids in tow is not my cup of tea. Either is grocery shopping by myself as I can't make decisions to save my life. Yep, see my problem here??

This is me except I LOVE to clean (figures right?) Image Source: Pinterest

So far our solution is to have Chris somewhat cook, or him and I to cook together, and on rare occasions I will cook.

But I have a desire to really truly cook. And I know, despite Chris being super nice about it most of the time, he too really wants me to cook.

Finding the inspiration is not a problem. I love to browse pinterest or blogs for new food ideas! Cooking shows are one of my absolute favorite shows to watch! It's just transferring those ideas into cooking that overwhelms me.

So that is where I'm asking you all for help. How do you meal plan? Do you have any ideas for me that will make me want to stick to meal planning? And to start cooking?? Anyone do freezer meals? If so, do you like it?

I'd really appreciate any help you can give me. My goal is to put this out there as a challenge to myself so that way this next year I can do a good majority of the meal planning AND cooking on my own.

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  1. Girl, the Six O'Clock Scramble!!!

    I was skeptical when a friend urged me to give this meal-planning whatnot a try, but I did and I was instantly hooked. It sends you a menu (five meals) for every week, and you can either print it as-is or go to the site and swap out recipes from the extensive database. (Since we don't eat red meat in our family, I do this sometimes.) The search engine is super easy; you can search by key word, time it takes to prepare, or even by ingredient, if you have some left over from something else. There is an emphasis on seasonal foods, on vegetarian and lighter alternatives, but overall on FAST healthy meals for your family.

    And best of all, once you select your menu, you print it out - one page for each easy recipe, complete with optional side dish, and then a one page grocery list with everything you need. For the week! Seriously, I only shop once a week now! For months! Squee!

    I feel like such a better wife and mother since I started the scramble... I cook pretty much every night, but without trauma, it saved us lots of money (so important while following Mr. Ramsey's baby steps!), and I wasn't cooking the same four or five things over and over. Maybe it is cheating a little that I'm not planning meals myself, but it is seriously not a strength of mine so this has got us trying new things and enjoying the old favorites as occasional treats instead of once or twice a week. Seriously, just take a few minutes and check it out!

    If you decide you want to give it a try, let me know as I have some discount codes for friends. I did a 3 month subscription, and two months into it bought two years. Love it.

    (BTW, speaking of Mr. Ramsey... guess who became debt free last week! After 3 YEARS!)


  2. I love to cook and bake and Steven really enjoys cooking too. WHat I usually do is make a list of some of our favorite meals, then I go to cupboard and fridge and see what I have and then make a list of what I need to finish those recipes. Then I shop for those items and cook those meals that week or 2 depending on how many meals I planned for. I hate going to the grocery for just a few things, I tend to go to WalMart and get it all done 2x a month! I always save my lists too to refer back to if I get in a rut.
    We really love breakfast for supperm super easy and a crown favorite! Tacos, anything on the grill is always great too!

  3. Mandy-You have given me hope!!! Thank you SO much for sharing that. Off to check it all out when the girls go to bed. And yeah for being debt free. SO proud of you girl!! :)

    Salena-I've tried doing that same method over the years, but my creativity always lacks and I think I need more direction. Now saving lists is a good idea and one that I can and will definitely try and implement. Oh and unfortunately I am one of those crazy people who hate breakfast for supper. It doesn't seem right to me! :)

  4. I don't like grocery shopping either. :)

    RE: meal-planning. I pretty much have my favorite stand-by recipes that are in a casual revolving schedule. Our meals are pretty basic around here: main dish salads, pasta w/ parmesan, grilled chicken, enchiladas, etc.

    Also: have you, by chance, tried any meal-assembly places? Dream Dinners is the one in our town. We've only been once (but it was wonderful!).

  5. Stephanie-I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like grocery shopping! :)

    So far your meal planning sounds a lot like mine. Do you plan it out each week??

    I have not tried any meal-assembly places. I think we aren't in a big enough area for it. I'll have to check for sure though!


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