Sunday, February 14, 2010

My First Kiss Ever!

Note: The following was written a few years ago by my handsome hubby for our local newspaper. I thought it appropriate to post for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

I met my wife when we were both seventeen. One must understand that I completely and wholly love my wife with all my heart but this meeting was definitely NOT love at first sight! The feeling from her was mutual. You see, I met her while I was chasing another girl whom did not want anything to do with me so my eyes were somewhat blurred to my future wife’s beauty, so to speak.

Within the year I realized that maybe I was wrong in my choice of women. I steadily grew to admire this girl who was to become my wife. Amazing how time can have that affect on a guy. Sadly, she, like the other girl, didn’t want anything to do with the husky high-school kid who talked about nothing but hunting and wore sweatshirts with wolves crying to the moon on them. What’s not to like?

We are now living proof that persistence pays off! She finally agreed, through a series of events, to see me as more than a friend. This took place about four months after I turned eighteen.

Our first “date” happened another three weeks later which happened to coincide with her eighteenth birthday. Due to my gentlemanly nature, kissing this girl never even crossed my mind. Okay, okay, that last sentence was a complete and utter lie and I confess that I may have thought about kissing her once or twice.

This young woman, as it turns out, has been my first, last, and only girlfriend. She had had several prospects before I came on the scene but nothing serious and no kissing was in her past either. That is what makes our marriage extra special to us.

My wife and I are very strong Christians and we decided early on in our dating that we would not get physically intimate with each other until our wedding day. This intimacy included kissing. We are in agreement that physical intimacy is a gift that you give to your spouse after marriage.

My wife and I dated exactly 479 bliss-filled days before I got down on one knee. Our engagement then lasted another 144 wonderful days. That is a grand-total of 623 days of NO KISSING!

Like I explained earlier, we firmly felt that kissing would compromise our beliefs. Not that kissing before marriage is necessarily wrong, we simply felt that the act of kissing could open the doors to who-knows-what could happen and get us into a situation that we didn’t want to be in.

On the ninth day of August, 2003, just before two-o’clock in the afternoon, I laid a big kiss on my bride. Her first kiss. My first kiss. Our first kiss. . . EVER!

We are so happy that we waited until our wedding day to kiss. We look back on our dating days and see just how much we were able to get to know each other without ever having to get physical. We would like to encourage everybody out there to challenge yourselves and wait until your wedding day to kiss your love. You won’t regret it if you do!

By the way, I quit wearing the wolf shirts because they were attracting too many women and I only have eyes for my wife!

*Happy Valentine's Day to my handsome hubby. I love you more now than I ever have and I look forward to the many more years of togetherness...just don't dig out any wolf shirts!


  1. That is so sweet, and what a wonderful testimony of the joy that purity brings!! :) We hope and pray this for our children, and even for their future spouses (yes, already, lol).

  2. PS - I put an award for you on my blog. :)

  3. Thanks Lauren for the kind words of encouragement and for the award! Off to check out your blog! :)

    Oh and we are praying for our girls and their future spouses already too!

  4. I love it! Great post. :)


  5. Amazing. That choice is such a rarity in our culture. Good for you for sticking to your commitment.

  6. Thanks Andrea! :)

    Stephanie, it definitely wasn't easy, but I am proud that we did stick with it.


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