Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More than your average hospital diaper bag

When I first had Zoelle, I found a cute, functional diaper bag at Target. It worked great, but it definitely had a few features that it lacked, including space and organization (something I thrive on). It also got dirty pretty easily and was not extremely well made (which means it did fall apart a bit after two years of use). Thus when I found myself pregnant with Meridian and realizing that I would have two in diapers, I was determined to find a great diaper bag.

Me being me, I did a ton of research and found Ju-Ju-Be and I have never looked back since.


*It's Washable! Machine wash a diaper bag? Yes! Only Ju-Ju-Be Not even kidding here-these things wash up beautifully if they do get dirty (and trust me, mine has gotten majorly dirty before).

*It has great organization! Depending on which bag you get, it is filled with pockets and spaces to store stuff. If you get a backpack style such as the Packabe (pictured right) that doesn't have a ton of pockets, be sure to get some Accessories to help organize it.

*It is a wonderful company! I don't think I have ever seen a company quite like this one. If you have a question, you can even e-mail one of the owners themselves and they will personally e-mail you back (again, I have had to do this before).


*My only con is the price. They are quite spendy bags. Although I am convinced that with this company you definitely get what you pay for (high quality, functionable, yet still fashionable, diaper bags). Oh, and even this isn't really a con because they have a for sale or trade message board called The Pink Room in which you can buy used bags for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Be sure to check out the Real Mom Giveaway contest over there for your chance to win your own Ju Ju Be of your choice.

Overall, I highly recommend a Ju Ju Be diaper bag to someone who is looking for a diaper bag *hint hint Gen* (oh I guess all the rest of you reading this too). :)

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