Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi everyone! Welcome to our family blog now known as Jewels & Treasures! I wanted to give you all a little welcome post to start with and also take the time to explain exactly what this blog will entail.

I have thought for two years now whether or not I truly wanted to create a family blog. A lot of time, thoughts and prayers went into the making of this blog. Eventually, I came to the decision that for my girls, I would love a record of their life on "paper". This is the best way for me to do that. I'll be posting pictures, talking about them, and maybe even a video or two will come forth on here.

So definitely first and foremost, this blog is for them. However, as you may already notice, I also will possibly be doing some advertising. Each business I even think about advertising for, will be thouroughly prayed about before I actually go ahead and advertise.

Lastly, I plan on trying to jump into the world of product reviews. I am known to my family and friends as a researcher. I love to research various items before I actually go out and purchase them. What better way for me to research, then to try products and then share my knowledge with my friends and family.

So sit back, grab a piece of pie, some coffee, and enjoy the reading.

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